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Late last year Melbourne experienced an unprecedented thunderstorm asthma event, the largest in the world. During the grass pollen season, from October to December there’s an increase in hay fever and asthma and there’s also an increased risk of thunderstorm asthma. Triggered by high pollen levels and thunderstorms, tiny pollen particles are released and inhaled triggering asthma in some people. 

The Victorian government have released more information and alerts to help the community better prepare for any future events, as uncommon as they may be. 

Thunderstorm asthma video

What’s available for you?

  • Thunderstorm asthma alert newsletter. Subscribe here 
  • Vic Emergency app. Download the app to be notified before a thunderstorm asthma event.

More information

Visit for information about the risks, symptoms and to help you prepare for thunderstorm asthma.