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It's National Volunteer Week, and we would like to celebrate the vital role volunteers play in delivering support to the community.  Here we talk Delivered meals volunteer Lesleeto Leslee a Delivered Meals volunteer for the past 17 years, to hear about her experiences of volunteering. 

Why did you start volunteering?

Mainly because they advertised for people. Both my adult children were living overseas and I wasn’t working so I thought I could do it. Also my mother had it for many years and I thought it was good service. 

How long have you been a Delivered Meals volunteer?

It's been 17 years now. The years have flown by. 

What do enjoy about it?

I like helping people and they are very grateful that you are helping and delivering their meals. They like someone to come and say hello to them. 

I also do it with my friend Judy, who I went to school with and we’ve been doing it together for a long time. So we have a chat and catch up while we are volunteering, which is really nice. 

What are the benefits for the person receiving the meal?

I think the benefit is that the person gets to see someone. They look forward to seeing you because a lot of people are very lonely. 

We have a little bit of a chat about what’s going on in the world and they get a healthy meal as well. For the family, well they know that a volunteer is going to be visiting, so that’s gives them some reassurance. 

What’s the feedback been about the new meals being supplied by Ranahans Fine Foods?

They like the taste of new meals. The packaging is also better as you can see the meals, so they like that aspect too. 

We would like to thank Leslee and all the volunteers out there who give up their time to help others. Without our volunteers, we could not deliver these support services to the community.  


Please note: During this COVID-19 pandemic our volunteers are temporarily on hold. Services are being delivered by staff redeployed from other roles.