Meals and shopping

lady brings shopping to elderly lady

Whether it's your weekly supermarket shop, filling a prescription at the chemist, or finding the perfect gift for a family member, we can help. We can take you to your local shops, or take care of your shopping needs while you remain at home.

Our support workers can also help you prepare some nutritious home cooked meals. Meals can be prepared from scratch or you may simply need a meal heated up. Support workers can also give your fridge a clean out for those food items that may have past their used by dates.

How we can help

Our services include:

  • Escorted shopping – visit to local shops, supermarket, chemist or post office
  • Unescorted shopping – support worker can do the shopping on your behalf
  • Meal preparation – support with preparing meals to ensure you enjoy delicious meals

Connecting you

Shopping can also help you feel connected and still very much a part of your local community. You may have favourite shops you have been a customer of for many years and like to visit. You might also meet neighbours or friends whilst you are out and get the opportunity for a chat to catch up.

Getting out and about to the shops also helps you remain active and the social interaction with your support worker and others is great for your wellbeing. 

Supporting you

If you are a resident within the Kingston City Council we also run a Community Bus service which is able to assist with transportation to the local shops or shopping centre.

Passengers must be able to get on and off the bus without assistance and we ask that the weight of your shopping is kept manageable (no bulk purchases please), so that our bus drivers are not handling too much weight. 

Delivered meals are also another option offered to City of Kingston residents who would benefit from improved nutrition and/or regular monitoring during the delivery process.