cleaner talking to older lady

It is only natural, that as we age we need a little extra support to maintain a clean home. If you find household tasks are becoming increasingly more difficult for you to manage then you may benefit from some cleaning support. 

How we can help

Our services include:

  • General housework – vacuuming, dusting and cleaning, floors
  • General cleaning - wiping surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, toilets and showers
  • Laundry – loading/unloading washing machine, hanging out/bringing in washing
  • Ironing services – general ironing and putting clothes away
  • Changing bed linen – stripping/remaking beds and washing/changing linen
  • Household bins - putting out/bringing back in bins

Working together

We are there to support you and help you maintain your mobility, so support workers will work with you to do any cleaning. It may be that you can still do the dusting, but need some help cleaning your bathroom or floors.

We are always focused on helping you stay independent, by supporting and encouraging you to continue doing what you can and we can support you with the rest. After all, a clean home is a comfortable home.

Thank you for giving me 'Marta'. Because of my knee and osteoarthritis, she has helped keep my home clean. She is trustworthy, efficient, courteous and a fantastic worker. She always brightens my day when she comes here, always has a smile. - Angelique