Standards of care

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AccessCare team members adhere to a range of agreed legal and professional standards. As our client, we also ask you to agree to some basic expectations. Our team will clarify these standards and expectations in full, but some of the more important expectations are summarised below.

Health and safety

We will talk to you about how you can maintain a safe home environment for staff, yourself, your family, friends and other visitors. We ask you to:

  • Reasonably maintain your home and let us know of any hazards that may be a risk to you or to others
  • Change, repair or replace items in your home when needed to meet safety requirements
  • Understand a care provider might change or withdraw services if any of their staff are placed in a situation of unacceptable risk

Dignity of risk

Dignity of risk is your right to have control over and make choices about your care, personal and social life, including where these choices involve personal risk. 

Decisions that include risk-taking can support your feelings of worth, improve your social interactions, autonomy and health. It can help you to live independently and supports you to live how you wish to. 

When you are working with AccessCare, we support your right to live with risks in the following ways: 

  • We will ask you for your priorities and how we can help you reach your goals
  • We will respect your choices over others, such as family members who you have not designated as your representatives
  • We will give you information to assist you make your choices
  • We want you to ask us questions, so we are clear on what you would like
  • We welcome your feedback, so we can adjust our supports to best suit you

Protection from abuse and neglect

Our staff are trained to recognise abuse and neglect. We may act on any concerns we may have about abuse or neglect of you or your carer. To discuss any issues or to report abuse or neglect, please contact us on 1300 819 200 or contact Seniors Rights Victoria on 1300 368 821.


There may be times when you need someone to speak on your behalf. This may be to navigate complex decisions around your health, family, finances or understanding your rights within the health or legal system.

This person is called an advocate and they can support you. There may be a time when you need a professional advocate and we can help you find one. Other times it may be your Aged Care Advisor or even a trusted friend or family member. An advocate can support you to:

  • make decisions for yourself
  • make your voice heard
  • stand up for your rights
  • represent your interests 

Health Services Commissioner

This is a free and confidential service that can help you resolve a complaint you have with a service provider. Although they cannot act as an Advocate, they can refer you to an advocacy service if needed.


Telephone: 1300 582 113

Victorian Ombudsman

The Victorian Ombudsman is independent, impartial and provides a free service. They are responsible for enquiries into or investigating administrative actions taken by a government department or public statutory body or by any member of staff of a municipal council.

Privacy information and feedback

Your right to privacy is protected by law. If at any time you are concerned or have a complaint about the way your personal information is being managed, please contact us.

We welcome and encourage feedback about what is going well and what can be improved. Your feedback, whether a compliment, suggestion or complaint, is important and assists us to ensure the service is meeting your needs. 

More information

For more information, please call the AccessCare team on 1300 819 200.