How a case manager helped George remain in control

Published on 13 July 2022

close up face of a man, George

George was referred for a Linkages package from AccessCare by his family doctor, who checked in with him after his father died.

George has an intellectual disability, but he also has mental health issues that he manages with medication. His GP was worried that he wasn’t attending to his personal hygiene and managing his finances.

When an AccessCare case manager met George, she realised he was managing reasonably well. George talked about a number of activities in the community he was involved in. He clearly loved to go out!

The case manager regularly checked in with George over two months whilst they built rapport. This included introducing him to a local day service.

One day, George told the case manager he had run out of clothes. When the case manager explored this further, she realised he didn’t know how to use the washing machine.

The case manager offered for someone to come from the Council to assist him in the mornings to prompt him to have his breakfast, do any washing and ensure he had his medication. George enjoyed meeting new people and agreed.

Over time, the support worker taught George how to do the washing himself.

Together with the GP, the case manager also arranged for the state trustees to manage George’s finances.

George was okay with this arrangement as he knew what money he had each week, and that he could contact his case manager if he needed more for any particular activities.

George continues to receive his Linkages package. He goes out most days and his case manager continues to work in the background, giving him plenty of space, but contacting him regularly to monitor he is okay and to provide transport support to get to appointments.

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