Ann's reablement journey

Published on 01 November 2021


In the context of aged care, the term "reablement" refers to the short term care required to help older people learn new skills, or relearn old skills, following an accident, illness or hospital stay.

The goal is to help people regain or improve their ability to perform certain tasks on their own, and enable them to continue living independently. Reablement is person-centric and goal focussed, meaning care needs to be individualised for each person. As such, reablement plays a very important role in a person's rehabilitation journey.

AccessCare client Ann recently required support at home to get back on her feet following foot surgery.

By undertaking a step-by-step in home approach to reablement, Ann was able to gradually improve her mobility and eventually return to work and her normal life.

Watch Ann's story below.


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