Hot weather advice

Published on 01 November 2022

Health problems associated with hot weather are preventable. Some of the symptoms most commonly experienced with heat stress include dizziness, shortness of breath, headache and heart conditions. Here are our tips to reduce the likelihood of suffering heat stress.

Keep it cool

  • Check you have sufficient medications on hand and they are stored in a cool spot.
  • Drink plenty of water unless advised otherwise by your medical practitioner.
  • Stock up on cold water and ice packs.
  • Plan your day and avoid being outdoors between 11am and 5pm.
  • Minimise physical activity.
  • If you overheat, put wet towels or cool packs on your arms, neck and feet.
  • Call your loved ones or friends to let them know how you are going.
  • Know who to call if you need help and seek medical advice or call 000 if you experience symptoms of heat stress.

Get your home ready

  • Check your curtains and outside blinds are in good working order.
  • Have your air conditioner or cooling system maintained.
  • Have a cool spot to retreat to on those extremely hot days.
  • Have a torch and batteries on hand should a power failure occur.

If you are on a Home Care Package and are concerned about your health in the heat, please contact your Care Manager for further advice.

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