Accessing aged care services can seem complex and difficult to understand – especially when you may be going through a very stressful time in your life. 

AccessCare wants you to know we are here to help. We offer advice free of charge to help you navigate the aged care systems including My Aged Care, where you will need to register for support first. You’re under no obligation to become an AccessCare client in the long term.

While we have a wealth of knowledge about how the systems work, we don’t try and take control away from you. Instead, we listen to your wishes and priorities, give you expert advice and information for you to make decisions, and help you access the support you need to achieve your goals.

Video 1. How to access the supports you need 

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Video 2. How we help you 

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Video 3. What to ask when choosing a Home Care Package provider 

Video 3. Download transcript - What to ask when choosing a Home Care Package provider

My Aged Care

The Australian Government has created a centralised registration process for aged care services, known as My Aged Care

Most community care services for people over 65 in Australia are government funded through Home Care Packages or the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).  You may start out needing a small amount of support such as cleaning. This would be funded through CHSP and is known as entry level support. If you require a range of services and support to coordinate them, you would be looking at a Home Care Package. Either way you need to register through My Aged Care to get started. 

Some people also access community care services (including care management) on a private fee paying basis. This can be a great option if you are on a waiting list for a package or are looking at paying an income tested fee because you are unable to access government funding due to your assets. 

Five steps to apply for a Home Care Package through My Aged Care


Call 1800 200 422 or visit You be will asked some questions to understand your needs. If you call AccessCare first on 1300 819 200 we can connect you through to My Aged Care and stay on the phone to help you through the registration process.  


A member of the Aged Care Assessment Team will visit your home to understand your needs. 


Once you are approved for a package, you will be sent an approval letter telling you which level package you are entitled to. This means you are now on the waiting list for a package. This does not mean you are ready to go, you need to wait for a second letter stating you have been 'assigned' a package. 


Once you receive this second letter stating you have been 'assigned' a package, you are ready to go and contact your choosen provider. 


Call AccessCare on 1300 819 200 to get started.

To learn more please visit My Aged Care or contact AccessCare on 1300 819 200.


Home Care Package Agreement

Once you have been assigned a home care package by My Aged Care you will receive a referral code which can then be presented to your chosen provider. You can then enter into a Home Care Agreement and start receiving services under your home care package.

Your Home Care Agreement sets out how your services will be provided, who will provide them, and how much they will cost. Your Agreement will include:

  • Care plan - this outlines the services you will receive under your package taking into consideration your individual goals and preferences
  • Budget - this details the funds available in your package and how they will be spent

You will receive monthly statements which show how your home care package budget is being spent. The statement will include the income and expenditure for the package and also any unspent home care amount so you can keep track of your spending. Any unspent funds can be carried over for as long as you continue to receive care under the package.

Your aged care provider has a responsibility to help you understand the terms of your Home Care Agreement. AccessCare will always take the time to go through your Agreement with you in fine detail. We will make sure you have carefully read and understood the Agreement and will answer any questions or concerns you have to make sure you are completely happy with everything before you sign it. Once the Agreement has been signed, services detailed in your care plan can start.

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