When you are assigned a Home Care Package you are able to choose a provider which best meets your needs and goals. You are in control and able to make choices about who delivers your care, and the services you need to stay in your own home.

Not all Home Care providers are the same

Giving people more choice is a welcome change. However, many home care providers still only recommend services they offer. This means your choice of carers and services may still be limited or not meet your needs.

At AccessCare we will link you with the most suitable providers within our trusted network. Partnering with other providers ensures we can deliver flexible services, tailored to your needs and goals.

Switching is easy

Once services have commenced you may wish to change your provider if they are currently not meeting your needs, you are looking for a better fit or perhaps have moved to another area to live. Switching is easy. All it takes is one simple phone call from you and we can look after the rest.

Step 1 - Notify existing provider

Notify your existing provider you are transferring to a new provider and agree on a date services will cease.

Step 2 - Personal visit

Receive a personal visit from an Aged Care Adviser with AccessCare who will visit you at home at no cost or obligation to you. They will listen to what's impotant to you and support and empower you to stay active and enjoy life. They will provide all the information you need and help you get the most out of your package funds.

Step 3 - Exit process

We’ll work with your existing provider and confirm when services will cease and the Department to transfer your Home Care Package.

Step 4 - Supporting you

Once services have ceased with your existing provider we can then begin to deliver services for you and ensure continuity of care and no break in service provision. 

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