We offer a range of home care services to meet your individual needs, through government-funded Home Care Packages including self managed packages and private fee paying services.

What are the different kinds of Home Care Packages available?

Different providers offer different types of packages. At AccessCare we offer three levels of support depending on your needs:

Full service/comprehensive Home Care Packages

Our full service Home Care Package provides you with comprehensive and unlimited advice (care management) and access to all the services you need to stay in your home within your Home Care Package budget. From personal care through to assistance with your shopping or garden maintenance, we’ll work with you to arrange these services on your behalf with our trusted network of service providers. Importantly, there are no time limits on the quality advice our team of tertiary qualified, experienced Allied Health professionals provide.

There are four levels of home care packages to help meet the different levels of care needs. Level 1 covers basic care needs, Level 2, low-level care, Level 3, intermediate and Level 4 high-level care. During your aged care assessment, your assessor will discuss your current care needs and determine the best level to meet them.

AccessCare can also help with the transition process if you are moving from the Commonwealth Home Support Program to a Home Care Package. You are also able to continue using the same support workers when you move across to a Home Care Package.  


Self-managed Home Care Packages 

Update December 2020: We are currently at capacity with our Self-Managed Home Care Packages, so we are unable to take any new clients at this stage. We hope to increase our capacity in 2021.

Self-managing your Home Care Package allows you to allocate the funds in your package as you wish. It does require you or a family member to oversee all the administrative tasks and to work directly with the providers of each service you use. The main benefit will be the lower administrative costs of these packages – they are cheaper for you, and they are cheaper for the company that delivers them because they don’t hire staff to manage your package. Instead, you’ll being doing this work yourself, or a family member can do this on your behalf.

Self-management works best for people who have a low risk of impaired decision-making due to a health condition (such as dementia), and have the time and energy to undertake all the work associated with managing their own package. This also might be an option for people who have some experience with the Home Care system already, and have a good network of people who’ll help them to manage their own Home Care Package if things get difficult or confusing. 

Private fee paying advice

We offer quality advice (care management) and support planning on a fee-paying basis. Our Aged Care Advisers can help you access a range of privately funded home care services. You may choose to access care privately for any of the following reasons:

  • You may be ineligible for a government-funded Home Care Package
  • You are self-funded retiree and choose to go privately rather than pay high income tested fees connected to a package
  • You or your family members needs help navigating the aged care system while waiting for a Home Care Package
  • You prefer not to go through the assessment process for a Home Care Package

As your adviser, we help you access services from a variety of providers. We manage all the arrangements for you, rather than you having to deal separately with each provider.

We make sure the care you receive is matched to your needs, offers value for money, and most importantly, comes from providers who belong to our trusted network.

Support while you wait for approval

With private fee paying advice you can start receiving your support straight away. If you are waiting for a Home Care Package and need immediate access to services this is a good option.

Video: Questions to ask when choosing a service provider 

Download transcript - What to ask when choosing a Home Care Package provider

Our pricing

Our tertiary qualified aged care advisers offer unlimited advice, no matter what your situation. 

We have a range of quality service providers to deliver your care, to provide you with flexible support services tailored to your needs. 

Our service providers are carefully picked to ensure they are high quality and are required to follow our robust processes in delivering your care. 

For detailed pricing information please read Home Care Package pricing schedule.

More information on Home Care Packages

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