AccessCare are care management specialists. Rather than providing care services directly, we help you plan the services that you need, from a range of providers.

Our focus on care management means we can work together with you in a truly individualised way, putting your needs first. With access to different service providers, you have the choice and flexibility to design a home support program that meets those needs.

When we work with you, all the decisions are yours, but they are backed by our deep experience and understanding of the aged care and disability care systems.

What does an Aged Care Adviser do?

Our tertiary qualified team of Aged Care Advisers deliver the care management service. When an AccessCare Aged Care Adviser starts working with you, they will:

  • Meet with you
  • Discuss with you what your needs are
  • Give you information and advice
  • Help you make decisions that reflect what you want and need
  • Consider the needs of family or carers
  • Develop a care plan with you to achieve your goals, and provide you with a copy
  • Arrange services and coordinate them to be delivered how, when, by who and where you need them.

Once your care plan has been put into action, your Aged Care Adviser will:

  • Monitor your ongoing needs and how the services are meeting them
  • Review your care plan at regular intervals and make necessary adjustments
  • Advocate for you when you need someone to speak on your behalf
  • Support you and your carer when things are difficult for you and you need someone to talk to.

Our commitment to you

Our Aged Care Adviser offer a high-quality personalised service and are committed to:

  • Listening, advising and empowering you to live well in your home and community
  • Putting your needs first and respect your choices
  • Connecting you to the care and services of your choice to maximise your available funding
  • Working with you to plan for your future.

You can receive a Care Management service from AccessCare through different means:

  • Privately
  • As part of your Home Care Package
More information

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