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Three years ago, at the age of 41, Aaron made the decision to walk away from his partner and the mother of his only son. The 10-year relationship had become toxic and emotionally abusive. Feeling a loss of confidence and identity, Aaron walked out with the clothes on his back. He left behind the house he had contributed to for many years, car and all the household items. He just wanted to escape. 

Aaron camped in the streets near his work for 6 months. He maintained his job and showered at the public shower block. His work never knew he had become homeless. 

One day, Aaron wandered into the City of Kingston office and met with AccessCare’s Community Connections Case Manager Nick. Nick immediately filled out some paperwork and rang around to get Aaron housed. Nick found Aaron a place in a boarding house. After a few weeks Nick rang with the good news, he had found Aaron a permanent house to live. 

Upon seeing his new place Aaron said, “I was like a kid eating his first lollie.” The house was located just down the road from where Aaron had been living. His 7-year-old son was able to come and live with him and stay at the same school and in the same community where his friends were. Aaron could give his son a safe, secure home and start to rebuild his life.

“If it wasn’t for Nick I don’t know what would have happened. He worked fast, knew everyone in the business, always answered my calls, kept me updated and really cared about me,” Aaron said. 

After dedicating himself to full-time fatherhood, Aaron is ready to take the next step in his working life. He would like to retrain, to obtain a counselling qualification to help others or pursue his dream job in sports journalism. He is also looking forward to saving up to take his son on a holiday. 

Aaron at homeNote: Names have been changed.

What can we in the community do?

  • Call for developers to allocate a percentage of new developments to affordable housing.  
  • Donate or volunteer at your local church which could be helping with meals, fundraising or a clothes drive. Or for gereral volunteering opportunities visit Volunteering Victoria 
  • Take action by being part of the solution calling for change, visit Everybody's Home to join the campaign.
  • Have more conversations in your community about homelessness and affordable housing. Get informed of the facts by visiting websites such as Council to homeless persons and Launch Housing.

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