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It’s a typical Thursday morning at the Clarinda Community Centre. Silvana Persi and her team are busy in the kitchen preparing delicious traditional Italian food for the 50+ people who attend the Cosenza Senior Citizens Club every week.  

Starting at 8am and working through until 6pm, it’s a long day in the kitchen. But it’s a love of Italian culture and connection to their community that keeps everyone coming here every week.  

AccessCare City of Kingston community support

Maria Lacognata, a Support Worker has been sent along by the City of Kingston to lend a hand and ensure the club can continue in to the future.“I’m really looking forward to this, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do”, Maria says.  

Maria, originally from Ragusa in Sicily, speaks fluent Italian and fits right in with Silvana and her team. She assists with the food shop, cleaning, moving furniture, cooking and doing the dishes.  

AccessCare City of Kingston support worker

It’s 11am. The City of Kingston Community Bus arrives and drops off a bus load of hungry passengers who are eager to head inside for a hearty, hot lunch. Silvana and her team are busy in the kitchen getting ready to serve. 

It's Midday and lunch is served. Today is risotto with fresh bread, followed by a dessert of sweet biscuits and fresh coffee. 

Then it’s time to relax and catch up with old and new friends. 

There’s no rest for Silvana who continues working hard in the kitchen all afternoon.

It’s a great help having Maria the City of Kingston Support Worker here. We are getting older and it’s getting more difficult to do everything ourselves. Doing the dishes is the hardest for us, she says

The City of Kingston has committed to sending an Italian speaking Support Worker, funded under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme,  every week to support the Cosenza Club well into the future.