The Volunteer Transport service provides door-to-door transport to medical appointments for eligible residents and operates weekdays from 9am - 5pm. We are always looking for more dedicated volunteers to assist with running this service. If you would like to volunteer please call 1300 819 200 and speak to Belinda Huggins, Volunteer Coordinator.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Volunteer Transport Driver? 

A volunteer who offers their time to support you to attend medical appointments or to visit your spouse in hospital or residential care. Volunteers do not get paid but receive reimbursement for their petrol costs as they use their own vehicle.

What is the cost to me if I use the Volunteer Transport service? 

This is a per kilometre cost and is currently $1.10 per kilometre travelled. This will appear on your regular invoice and is paid after support has taken place. The full amount is passed onto the volunteers. 

Do I need to pay for parking if there are parking costs at the location of my appointment?


Can I request one-way transport only? 

Yes absolutely. Please note this will be charged at 1.5 times the kilometre amount, to cover the volunteer's petrol costs to get home again. The full amount is passed onto the volunteers. 

What happens if my appointment is longer than 2 hours? 

We can offer you either one way support and you can make your own arrangements home again (or vice versa) or we can organise for one volunteer to drop you at your appointment and another volunteer to come back at a later time to support you home again. Please note this will cost more and is subject to volunteer availability.

Am I able to request a Volunteer Transport booking for 4 weeks time? 

Yes you can, but please note we usually wait until two weeks before the appointment to see if a volunteer is available. 

Are there times in the day that the service is available? 

The service is available Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays) in between 8am and 5pm, including pick up and drop off. 

Is there a maximum distance for appointment locations? 

Requests are accepted for local trips within the City of Kingston and outside the area within the metropolitan area. This includes support to attend hospital appointments in the city.

Is there a minimum km travel charge?

Yes the minimum amount is 5 kms, currently costing $5.50. This is reviewed each year with this communicated via a letter sent directly to all clients who receive the service.

Can I request for an on-going weekly booking? 

Unfortunately we are unable to accept weekly bookings. You are welcome to contact us with your next one-off request after you attend your first appointment.

Will there always be a Volunteer Transport Driver available for my requests? 

Volunteers are not always available to assist. We will let you know in advance the outcome of each request, so you have time to make alternative arrangements as needed. 

When will I be advised if a Volunteer Transport Driver is available? 

At least two days prior to your appointment whenever possible.

Will the Volunteer Transport Driver accompany me into my appointment/complete forms? 

The volunteer is unable to come into the appointment with you. If you require this support please talk to us further and see if a family member or friend is available to assist. They are welcome to travel with you in the volunteers car if arranged previously. 

Can I request the Volunteer Transport Driver to take me to other locations on the day eg. Prescriptions/blood test or food shopping? 

If you are seeing a doctor and receive a script, the volunteer may be able to drop into a chemist for you to fill it on the way home. Unfortunately the volunteer is not able to take you shopping on the way home or to hairdresser etc. 


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