older lady with plants

Many of us love getting stuck into a bit of gardening. There's nothing better to clear the mind and soothe the soul. But sometimes the work can be physically demanding and become too much to manage.

Supporting you

Through AccessCare, you can access a wide variety of gardening services ranging from general garden maintenance, maintaining garden beds through to one-off or annual gardening tasks. The tasks you are able to have completed depends on your level of government funding.


If you have a Home Care Package you are able to access general gardening maintenance such as lawn mowing, weeding and gardening. If you are eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program you can access pruning for safety purposes and an annual gutter clean. 

"Thank you for the pruning today. The men did a fantastic job". - Violet 

Being able to help you enjoy your garden is important to AccessCare as we know spending time outdoors amongst nature has a positive impact and enjoying time in a garden is very nourishing for the soul.