Care management

woman talking to older couple
AccessCare are care management specialists. Rather than providing care services directly, we help you plan the services that you need, from a range of providers.
Our focus on care management means we can work together with you in a truly individualised way, putting your needs first. With access to different service providers, you have the choice and flexibility to design a home support program that meets those needs.
When we work with you, all the decisions are yours, but they are backed by our deep experience and understanding of the aged care and disability care systems.

Supporting you

Here is how our Care Managers will support you:

  • Working with you and/or your representatives to develop a Care Plan that captures your needs and preferences
  • Providing information and advice on the aged care service sector so you can make informed decisions and be as involved in your care as you choose to be
  • Explaining the financial aspects of your Home Care Package, including the budget available, fees and what can be purchased
  • Keeping in touch to ensure that your needs are being met
  • Seeking care providers with skills matched to your needs
  • Supporting you as required to advocate for your rights to ensure your voice is heard 
  • Supporting you through life's changes, whether that be your health, visits to hospital or changes in your social networks or daily activities

Our tertiary qualified team

Our team of tertiary qualified Care Managers have a great deal of experience and will listen to what’s important to you and support and empower you to stay active and enjoy life.
With extensive knowledge and expertise in the care industry they understand the choices and challenges in making each decision and will link you with the most suitable providers within our trusted network.
Partnering with other providers ensures we can deliver flexible services, tailored to your needs and goals.


No time limits!

Unlike many other care providers we do not believe in putting time limits on advice and support, just on delivering good quality care.
Our Care Managers are on hand Monday to Friday to address your needs. They will also ensure all your paperwork and legal obligations are met so you can have peace of mind, knowing your home care package is being administered properly.


Private fee paying advice

Advice is also available on a private fee-paying basis and there may be a variety of reasons why you may choose to access this type of care:
  • You may be ineligible for a government-funded Home Care Package
  • You are a self-funded retiree and choose to go privately rather than pay high income tested fees connected to a package
  • You or your family members need help navigating the aged care system while waiting for a Home Care Package
  • You prefer not to go through the assessment process for a Home Care Package
  • Support while you wait for approval
With private fee paying advice you can start receiving your support straight away. If you are waiting for a Home Care Package and need immediate access to services this is a good option.


"I am very satisfied with the service and help from AccessCare. The staff are very efficient and keep me informed of any changes to our in-home help services, always in a timely way. I cannot thank our Care Manager enough for setting up our home care services". - Wells