Transport and social outings

Older couple with child

When you are no longer driving it can be expensive not to mention inconvenient to get out and about. We want you to live life to the full and stay independent and connected to your community.  So whether it’s a medical appointment you need to attend, a prescription you need to collect, a social outing at the community centre or visit to the hairdressers AccessCare can help you get there.

Supporting you

Our services include:

  • Taxi Cards – available for shopping trips, medical appointments, social outings or visiting friends/relatives in care or hospital
  • Disability parking permits – Care Managers can provide information on obtaining these permits
  • Public transport training – educational assistance to feel comfortable travelling on public transport
  • Social gatherings – support with transport is available to help you attend social outings
  • Community centres – Care Managers can help you source suitable activities or groups you would like to participate in at your local centre and provide support with getting there
  • Planned trips – support to participate in group outings to places of interest

Connecting you

We offer pre-paid taxi cards, assistance obtaining disability parking permits through to public transport training so you can choose the most appropriate solution to help you get out and about.

If you need help finding groups or activities our Care Managers can discuss with you socially what you like to do. They can help you plan a personalised program and put you in touch with local community groups and activities so you can connect and interact with others in a fulfilling way.

The trip to Upper Yarra RSL was just a wonderful day. The venue was lovely and all the drivers are just delightful. - Patricia


More information

Call our friendly team on 1300 819 200 for advice on the services available or if you need assistance with My Aged Care.