Kingston Community Bus

bus with people in front of it

Have you stopped driving and need support to get out and about? Whether it's a trip to the local shops or connecting with friends socially, the Community Bus is there to support you.

Transport can also be provided to assist residents to get to medical, hospital, dental or other health appointments during business hours. Support is also available to visit a family member in residential care or hospital.


If you are unable to access alternative forms of transport, such as private vehicle, public transport or taxi you are eligible for the community bus service. A number of regular routes exist throughout the City of Kingston, offering you a choice of when and where you complete your regular errands.

Get social 

Remaining socially connected, mentally stimulated and physically active is an important aspect of ageing positively. The Community Bus provides a range of services to support the health and wellbeing of Kingston residents, targeting members of our community most at need for transport and social support.

The Community Bus offers a number of regular services to assist people to access key services and facilities within the community, such as shopping centres, the local pharmacist, the post office, their senior citizens club, the local library and recreational facilities such as Waves Leisure centre.

The busy social calendar is also connected to the Community Bus so you can enjoy a number of outings, meet with others in your local area and make new friends.

The outings often involve a meal at an accessible venue, some sight-seeing, a movie, musical entertainment or a short walk to explore the local shopping area.

A regular program of Day Trips and Social Luncheons is also available to those who would otherwise be unable to access such social activities.

A registration system is used to manage allocation of seats on these very popular excursions, ensuring that all City of Kingston residents have an equal opportunity to attend throughout the year. The cost of each activity varies. 

"The Community Bus service is a fantastic service and I enjoy going out on it. I’ve met the best drivers who are so helpful, happy and fantastic people and look forward to going on the trips" - Margaret

Register for social activities

To get involved, call us on 1300 819 200.

Shopping trips

Your regular grocery shopping and essential errands is a great use of the Community Bus. You are able to bring a shopping trundler along, which is carried in our purpose-built trailer, towed behind the bus to your destination. We ask that the weight of your shopping is kept manageable (no bulk purchases please), so that our bus drivers are not handling too much weight. 

Getting on and off the bus

Passengers must be able to get on and off the bus independently. However, if you need assistance you may be able to apply for a companion card to enable you to bring a person to help you get on and off the bus for free. 


The fee for the Community Bus is kept at a manageable rate and charged to passengers through a monthly invoice, able to be paid in the same way as all other accounts (such as at the local post office).

More information

If you are over 65 and enquiring about Community Bus or Volunteer Transport services please call 1300 819 200.