Hire a bus for your community group

group of older people

Community groups operating within the City of Kingston who provide the promotion and maintenance of the health, wellbeing and social connection of frail aged residents and residents with a disability are able to hire the Twenty (20) seat buses and a Driver for the purpose of transporting group members on a Day Excursion between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm (excluding weekends).

Booking requests are to be made through this form indicating which four months are preferred.

Booking a Community Bus

  • Booking requests are made through returning this form, indicating which four months of the year are preferred. 
  • Booking requests for excursions can be made at any stage through the year. 
  • All COVID-19 infection control and hygiene measures and government directions will need to be adhered to by all passengers at all times. 
  • Confirmation of outings will be made via email wherever possible. If an email address is not available for the group, confirmation will be made via phone call. The group leader must then accept the offered date and inform the Community Bus Coordinator of the intended destination.
  • To ensure equitable access to the Community Bus, each group will be offered a minimum of one excursion and a maximum of three excursions each calendar year. Wherever possible, these excursions will be offered for the preferred month of travel. Groups can make enquiries throughout the year regarding any further dates that may have become available due to cancellations etc.
  • There is no guarantee that the Community Bus will be able to provide transport on a specifically requested date or to the preferred destination. Kingston City Council reserve the right to decline a request for booking, based on bus availability, destination or group ineligibility.
  • Kingston City Council reserve the right to cancel or alter an excursion or route with minimal notice, based on weather or traffic conditions, essential vehicle maintenance or other unforeseen circumstance.

Conditions of Carriage

  • The specified maximum number of passengers displayed in the vehicle must be adhered to at all times.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs is prohibited at all times in the Community Bus. It is preferable that food/drink (other than water) is not consumed in the Community Bus.
  • The preferred route, point of passenger drop-off and location of parking is at the discretion of the Driver.


  • The fee for hiring the Community Bus and Driver for a Community Group Excursion will be $233*
  • This fee is payable upon receipt of an invoice, which will be posted to the nominated group contact person, subsequent to the trip. If an account remains outstanding, subsequent excursions may not be offered to the group.
  • Kingston City Council will assume responsibility for any associated Toll Road expense. The Community Group will assume responsibility for any other expenses (e.g. Ferry Fee, Venue Entry Fee, Parking).

*Current Fee for Excursions will be confirmed at time of booking confirmation.

Booking form

Click here to view form.