Choosing a service provider

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When you are assigned a Home Care Package you are able to choose a provider which best meets your needs and goals. You are in control and able to make choices about who delivers your care, and the services you need to stay in your own home.

Not all Home Care providers are the same

Giving people more choice is a welcome change. However, many home care providers still only recommend services they offer. This means your choice of carers and services may still be limited or not meet your needs.

At AccessCare we will link you with the most suitable providers within our trusted network. Partnering with other providers ensures we can deliver flexible services, tailored to your needs and goals.

Who do you work with?

AccessCare work with a network of trusted providers. We partner with more than 20 service providers and can deliver flexible, tailored services and choose providers which best match and suit your needs and goals.

All our providers adhere to strict quality assurance measures so we know we are providing you with the best quality of care. 

What should I consider when choosing a provider?

You can have a say in the type of Aged Care Provider you choose and also the types of care and services delivered to you as part of your home care package.

Some considerations when choosing an approved my aged care provider may be whether they specialise in services which are important to you such as dementia and also where they are located as this can reduce travel times and in some cases reduce the costs associated with travel.

You may also like to ask how long they have been providing services, as there are a number of new organisations offering services who have different levels of experience and service quality.

Other questions you might like to ask your aged care provider might include:

  • What are the range of services offered 
  • Aged care advisers and support worker checks, screening and qualifications
  • Service change or cancellation notice period
  • What complaints processes are in place
  • How long they have been providing Home Care Packages

AccessCare are happy to answer any questions you have about selecting the right home care package provider for you. We can also meet with yourself, family members or carers to discuss the process and help guide you through it. 

Remember, you direct your own care and have control over who delivers your care and where and when they deliver it.

For free advice on choosing a provider that suits your needs call our friendly team on 1300 819 200

Switching is easy

Once services have commenced you may wish to change your provider if they are currently not meeting your needs, you are looking for a better fit or perhaps have moved to another area to live. Switching is easy. All it takes is one simple phone call from you and we can look after the rest.