How Morrie's tailored care plan helped him remain independent

Published on 24 May 2022

a man, Morrie, sits out the front of his house

Morrie’s mobility issues started following a fall and hip fracture. Previously, Morrie had enjoyed a very active lifestyle, but after the fall he lost confidence and wasn’t sure if he should remain living at home.

A short-term case-management package assisted Morrie to reclaim his independence, confidence, quality of life and continued capacity to do the things he loved.

Morrie and his case manager explored his strengths and what was important to him. They worked together to develop an individualised, person-centred care plan. Morrie’s goals were:

  • Walking his dog Floyd to the local park and shops;
  • Meeting his friends at the local RSL for lunch on Thursdays;
  • Pruning his award-winning roses.

Morrie’s tailored care plan included an Occupational Therapist (OT) to assist with various home modifications, including a ramp at his front steps and pavers in his garden. The OT also assisted him to access a scooter for outings, which was perfect to get to the RSL, but also when Morrie wanted to take Floyd on a longer walk.

A physiotherapist worked with him to develop a home exercise program. This restored his strength, balance and general fitness. Finally, a new walking aid with a basket to accommodate garden tools, meant Morrie was able to access his garden more safely.

In three months, Morrie’s life has turned around. He had achieved his goals, increased his independence, but most importantly he is experiencing new quality of life.

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