Helping Karen find safe and secure housing

Published on 28 June 2022

close up of a womans face, Karen

Karen had been living in private rental accommodation for a number of years. However, after an admission to hospital following an exacerbation of her mental health condition, Karen decided to live with her son.

Karen’s son lived interstate but unfortunately the living arrangements weren’t sustainable. When she returned to Melbourne, her private rental was no longer available and she found herself homeless and living in her car.

Karen was referred to the Community Connection Program and they quickly engaged the community mental health team for monitoring. As a short-term measure, the Community Connection Program worker assisted Karen to find affordable housing accommodation at a local community rooming house specifically for women.

The Community Connection Program worker fast tracked an Office of Housing Application. When a vacancy was available, the Community Connection Program assisted Karen to set up her new home, including the purchase of a fridge.

Karen now lives independently in her unit, with support from the Housing and Support Program as required.

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