Client story - Moys celebrates turning 101

Published on 01 November 2021

Moys Sinclair, a long term client of AccessCare, recently celebrated her 101st birthday. AccessCare visited Moys with Dimity, a Delivered Meals volunteer for the last eight years, to wish her a happy birthday on this very special milestone birthday, present her with some flowers and talk to her about her extraordinary life so far. 

Have you lived bayside most of your life?

Yes, my family moved from Benalla to Chelsea when I was five. I went to Chelsea Primary, Mordialloc High School and then Mentone Girls' Grammer. I enjoyed art and one of the subjects I studied was “Botany Drawings”. There were only six girls in my year at the time, as girls usually left school to work. 

My family ran the Chelsea Pharmacy from the late 1920s until the 1950s. The Pharmacy advertised the Chelsea Picture Theatre so we used to receive free movie tickets. I remember going to the movies on a Saturday with sixpence to spend.

What support do you receive from AccessCare? 

I receive cleaning (domestic care), delivered meals with Dimity usually bringing me my meals and also some help with daily tasks (personal care).

I love all the support workers who come to me. They are loving, caring people. 

How are the meals? 

The meals are good. I love the roasts the best. I actually used to be a volunteer with Delivered Meals and help out in the kitchen preparing the vegetables back then. I was one of eight volunteers in the kitchen. 

What’s your favourite food ?

I used to love making Irish stews and potato pies, but spaghetti bolognese was always a favourite of mine too. 

What did you miss during COVID-19? 

I go to the RSL every day for lunch. I know everyone there and have a chat and a meal. During COVID I wasn’t able to go, and it was a lonely time.

Luckily my daughter is also a carer for me, so she was still able to visit me so I had some company. I used to often sit in my loungeroom with the curtains open and watch the people walk past my house just to see people.  

How does COVID compare to other major times of change you have lived through in your life?

COVID and the isolation reminded me of the polio epidemic when I wasn’t allowed to go to school, as my family owned a Pharmacy and was in contact with sick people.

My Dad was a J.P. as well as warden during the war. If he got an “Orange Alert” we had to fill the bath with water so we had water to drink. 

What’s your secret to living a long life?

I didn’t have a car, so I’ve always walked everywhere. We also didn’t really have any packaged food, it didn’t exist. So maybe that’s it and good genes. A few of my family members have lived to 100.

Do you have any wisdom or life lessons to share?

God helps those who help themselves. Be kind to people. 

Thank you for talking to us Moys. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear about your incredible life. From all of us at AccessCare we wish you a very happy 101st birthday and hope you enjoy your birthday party coming up!

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