Within the City of Kingston, we can offer people in the community over 65 or with a disability, what's known as entry level in-home support services, to remain independent and live in their own homes for as long as possible.

These services are heavily subsidised and provide a basic level of support. If you require more comprehensive support we also offer Home Care Packages and allow you to continue using the same support workers if you do transition from entry level support to a Home Care Package.  

Home care services

Our focus is on working in partnership with you and working 'with you' and not 'for you'. We want to keep you as mobile , focussing on what you can do and supporting you in areas where you need it. It's all about providing the right level of support to assist you to stay independent in your home or out in your community. 

Housework and laundry

We provide support with some aspects of cleaning your home where you may need a helping hand. It may be that you continue doing the dusting and we take care of the more physically demanding jobs such as vaccuming or cleaning the bathrooms. 

Our services include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Cleaning bathrooms and toilets
  • Bed making
  • Laundry
  • Putting out the bins

My unit was sparkling when the carer had finished - very happy with the standard of work - Pamela

Personal care

When your health, mobility or other circumstances change, you may need personal care support, on either a short term or long term basis. Our support workers will attend to your care in a respectful and sensitive manner.

Our services include:

  • Showering
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Personal hygiene and hair care
  • Emptying commodes
  • Assistance with eating and meal preparation
  • Clothing aids - help with pressure stockings or continence care

Thank you for solving my problem with showers. May I say the three ladies I now have are all equally wonderful and very helpful - Jenny


We can help support you complete your local shopping, pay household accounts or fill a prescription. Support might involve accompanying you to the shops or taking care of your shopping needs while you remain at home.

Our services include:

  • Accompanied shopping
  • Unaccompanied shopping
  • Visit to local shops, chemist, post office
  • Putting shopping away, cleaning out foods from fridge with past due dates

I’d just like to say how fast and efficient my care worker was at unpacking the groceries and putting everything away in its place. I had no trouble finding anything and think it’s an excellent service - Hilda

Meal preparation and delivery

Delivered meals are available to people who have difficulty accessing nutritious meals regularly at home and who may benefit from regular contact with Council personnel. 

  • Nutritious meals delivered to your door five days a week.
  • Choice of five main meals including a cold salad, vegetarian option, deserts and juice.
  • Support to prepare meals or simply heat a prepared meal.

New - Community Nursing 

Supporting people with chronic disease to better manage their health independently. The service aims to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions through better understanding and management of health conditions. It supports people to tune into their health and brings greater awareness to managing conditions and provides the support needed to navigate the complex health system.  It ultimately supports people to have improved health and wellbeing. Our community nursing team will work closely with residents to help them understand the state of their health, ensure information is clear and explain the issues that may arise.  They will help the person understand their condition and where they can go to for more information. 


This service allows people with caring responsibilities to participate in family, social, recreational or community activities while their partner, relative or friend is being cared for. Caring for a loved one can be stressful at times and carers need time out now and then to attend to their own tasks or enjoy a social outing. Respite care can be beneficial for both parties and can be arranged as needed or on a regular basis. Respite care can be provided at the home and we can also organise for you to have respite out in the community.

Our services include:

  • In home respite
  • Community respite
  • Centre based respite

I would like to thank the council's team members that provided respite care services to my father. The service provided was very much appreciated by both my father and myself. The care services greatly assisted on so many levels: mental, social, emotional - it was great. - Donna

One-off maintenance jobs

As you get older sometimes a little extra help is needed to undertake odd jobs around the house. Our home maintenance support is designed to deliver services that will assist you with minor maintenance tasks so you can remain living safely, securely and independently within your home.

Our services include:

  • Minor plumbing repairs, such as installing new washers
  • Minor repairs to external doors/windows
  • Replacing light globes in main living areas
  • Re-igniting pilot lights
  • Installing smoke alarms and replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Removing hard rubbish where a fire or pest risk is present
  • Pruning trees which obstruct paths/doors/windows and create a safety or security hazard
  • Annual gutter cleaning

Home maintenance has been very good for me. The men have been polite and done a very good job each time. Service is good. - Brian

Home modifications

Minor modifications can be carried out within your home to ensure it is safe for you to remain living independently. We can provide individual quotes for the work which needs to be carried out and on your approval can undertake the modifications.

Our services include:

  • Installation of rails, ramps and hand-held showers
  • Step modifications - internal and external
  • Safety installations - fitting of emergency alarms and other safety aids

The support worker who installed a rail and shower head today was very kind and thoughtful. He made sure everything was working well before he left and did a very good job - Marjorie

Transport & social activities

Access to transport enables you to remain connected and engaged with your community. It is vital to healthy ageing and can prevent social isolation. We offer a range of transport services to help support you with participating in social outings, completing your regular grocery shopping or attending appointments. 

Our services include:

For more information about our social calendar call us on 1300 819 200. 

I would particularly like to commend the bus drivers who take us on the various social activities. In my experience they are always without exception helpful in every way and are pleasant and courteous on all occasions. They remember names, particular requirements of the various passengers and always seem happy. I am sure all would agree it makes our social activities even more pleasant - Robert


As soon as possible after receiving a referral, an assessment officer will arrange to visit the resident in their home to gain an understanding of their needs, and decide along with the resident and their carer what services might be helpful to assist them to remain at home.  The resident may have a family member, their carer, or another trusted person with them for support and assistance.

Our team

Our staff are all highly trained, efficient workers. All staff must have a police clearance certificate to work for the Kingson City Council and a Working with Children Check if applicable. Read more about our team.

Our volunteers

The City of Kingston acknowledges its loyal group of volunteers, without whom the delivered meals and transport to appointments could not take place. If you wish to donate your time as a volunteer in the Aged and Disability Services, please contact 1300 819 200 or visit our volunteering page to register.

You make lots of friends and connect with the community, helping people stay living in their home is very rewarding - Mrs Smith

Who do I contact to receive services?

People aged 65 and over 

If you are aged 65 years and over (50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), please contact AccessCare on 1300 819 200. We can then talk you through the process and the next steps. Or you can contact My Aged Care directly to find out about accessing new services on 1800 200 422 (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm;  Saturday 10am to 2pm) or visit www.myagedcare.gov.au

People with a disability under the age of 65

Please call Council on 1300 819 200

TTY (Hearing Impaired):  9581 4506


If the resident is from a non-English speaking background, interpreters can be proivded to assist with translating and ensuring understanding during the assessment process. This is a free service to the resident.

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