In 2017, the way home-based care was funded went through a major change. The government introduced ‘consumer-directed care’. This meant you could make more choices about who delivers your care, and the services you need to stay in your own home. Older people are increasingly enjoying more choice and control of their own care.

At AccessCare we have a great deal of experience in the industry and can help you with making decisions to ensure you receive appropriate services which best match your needs and where you receive the most value for money.

What this means for you?

You can have a say in the type of Aged Care Provider you choose and also the types of care and services delivered to you as part of your home care package. Some considerations when choosing an approved my aged care provider may be whether they specialise in services which are important to you such as dementia and also where they are located as this can reduce travel times and in some cases reduce the costs associated with travel.

You may also like to ask how long they have been providing services, as there are a number of new organisations offering services who have different levels of experience and service quality. Other questions you might like to ask your aged care provider might include:

  • Range of services offered 
  • Aged care advisers and support worker checks, screening and qualifications
  • Service change or cancellation notice period
  • Complaints processes in place
  • How long they have been providing Home Care Packages

AccessCare are happy to answer any questions you have about selecting the right home care package provider for you. We can also meet with yourself, family members or carers to discuss the process and help guide you through it. 

Remember, you direct your own care and have control over who delivers your care and where and when they deliver it.

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